“Climbing the Wall” Bronze Plaque
This fun rock climber sculpture features a climber and belayer on an indoor climbing wall.

Indoor rock climbing, or climbing on artificial walls, became popular in the 1980s. At that time I worked at a mountaineering store in Austin Texas and got to see the evolution of this sport first hand. I still have a pair of the earliest sticky rubber climbing shoes ever made, Boreal's Fire. Some people climbed indoor walls because climbing spots were too far away or lousy weather kept them off the rock. Over the years this has turned into a sport in its own right and there are now thousands of "rock gyms" all over the world. Climbing indoors is certainly safer but the trade-off is that you are not outside enjoying nature.

The climber nears the top of the route and chalks up while he eyes his last few moves. His trusty belayer keeps a watchful eye on her partner on this top-roped indoor route. Climbing wall has over 100 holds, and the rope goes runs from the belayer, through a quick-draw, and down to the climber. Belayer has harness with belay device and slippers. Check out her long braid and casual climbing clothes. Climber has harness, chalk bag, climbing shoes, and tired arms.

This sculpture is available unframed or in a special framed limited edition version. The framed version contrasts the precise shapes of a bronze sculpture with the fluid shapes of an oil painting. The firm lines of bonded bronze are offset by the dark reddish greys of the simulated rock walls found in many climbing gyms. These colors suggest granite or some other great climbing rock. Each Limited Edition plaque comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

This rock climbing sculpture is a great gift for a climber. If you love to climb yourself and are looking for a unique climber sculpture for your home or office, check out the two different versions of "Climbing the Wall".

Here are some close up photos of the Belayer (left) and Climber (right) figures:
belayer figurine front belayer sculpture back rock climber sculpture climbing figurine
Shown below is the
“Climbing the Wall” Bronze Plaque

Metallic finished figurines attached to bonded bronze climbing wall, which has fold-out picture frame stand on back. 5 inches wide by 9 inches tall.

Price $79.00
climbing wall sculptureclimbing wall back side
Shown below is the
“Climbing the Wall” Bronze Plaque
Framed Limited Edition of Fifty

Metallic finished figurines attached to bonded bronze climbing wall, mounted on an oil painting on hardboard. Framed size 9 inches wide by 11 inches tall with a hanging wire on the back. Includes a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Price $159.00
framed climbing sculpture
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