Diving the Tugboat in Curacao Bronze Plaque
A diver descends to the famous sunken tugboat in the waters off Curacao.

Due to the popularity of the Hawaiian diver plaque, I have added a new scuba diver sculpture based on another favorite dive spot, this time featuring a female diver. This is a great companion piece to the first plaque, shown here. If you have dived in Curacao you will recognize the sunken tugboat, it's a favorite local dive spot. All the sea life shown can be found in the waters here. Curacao is a tiny island in the Caribbean near Aruba, just off the coast of Venezuela. This area is famous for crystal clear water and a wide variety of fascinating dive sites.

This rich underwater scene features a female diver descending toward the wreck of a small tugboat. The scene is filled with a variety of exotic fish: spotted eagle ray, starfish, nurse shark, green sea turtle, scorpionfish, a school of goat fish, and a wide variety of corals and plants are all here. The tugboat sits in shallow water and there are often snorkelers as well as scuba divers there.

This sculpture is available unframed or in a special framed limited edition version. The framed version contrasts the precise shapes of a bronze sculpture with the fluid shapes of an oil painting. The teal, aqua and blue colors suggest the Caribbean beauty of the surrounding ocean, and brings to mind a larger scene. Each Limited Edition plaque comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

This sculpture is a wonderful gift for a scuba diver. Buying scuba diver gifts can be a challenge, and there are not very many scuba sculptures out there. If you are looking for a truly unique scuba diving sculpture or art, check out the two different versions of "Diving the Tugboat in Curacao".

Here are some close up detail photos of some details from this sculpture:
curacao scuba diver tugboat sculpture underwater art
Above on the left you see the female diver figure, complete with a standard SCUBA rig, floatation device, wet suit, weight belt, mask, and fins. In the middle is the famous tugboat wreck along with a passing scorpionfish. And on the right is a beautiful eagle ray and a few goat fish. This piece is full of life and detail, there are dozens of different fish, coral, and plants represented here.

Shown below is the
Diving the Tugboat in Curacao Bronze Plaque,

Bonded bronze sculpture 16 inches wide by 10 inches tall with a hanging wire on back.

Price $139.00
scuba diver sculpture
Shown below is the
Diving the Tugboat in Curacao Bronze Plaque,
Framed Limited Edition of Fifty

Bonded bronze sculpture mounted against an oil painting on hardboard. Framed size 21 inches wide by 17 inches tall with a hanging wire on the back. Includes a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Price $289.00
scuba diving bronze plaque
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