Diving the Reef in Hawaii Bronze Plaque
A diver descends toward a coral reef populated with a variety of exotic fish.

This piece premiered to a fantastic response at the prestigious Best of the Northwest juried exhibit in Portland in 2007. It features an underwater scene with sea life all found in the waters of Hawaii. It's based on photographs I took on a trip to the Big Island a few years ago. This was the first place I ever dived with tropical fish. It was really amazing, especially since most of my diving prior to this had been in freshwater lakes and rivers. It was such a thrill to see all the fish, in so many different colors, swimming in every direction. Some were slow, some fast, some alone, some in schools, with the occasional turtle gliding through. I'll never forget it.

In this piece a scuba diver descends along a reef in the waters off the Big Island of Hawaii. This piece is full of life and detail, there are dozens of different fish, coral, and plants represented here: Angelfish, starfish, green sea turtle, butterflyfish, eel, plus brain coral, sea fern, pipe organ coral, and other plants and corals are all represented here.

This sculpture is available unframed or in a special framed limited edition version. The framed version contrasts the precise shapes of a bronze sculpture with the fluid shapes of an oil painting. The blues, greens, teal, and aqua colors suggest the cool beauty of the surrounding ocean, and brings to mind a larger scene. Each Limited Edition plaque comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

This scuba diving art is a wonderful gift for the diver in your life. Unique and original, this scuba diver art will always remind you of the joy of being under the water. Whether for yourself or as a gift for a fellow diver, take a look at the two versions of
"Diving the Tugboat in Curacao".

Here are some close up detail photos of some details from this sculpture:
turtle art original diver sculpture scuba diving art
Above on the left is a giant green sea turtle. Next is the diver figure, complete with a standard SCUBA rig, floatation device, weight belt, mask, and old style jet fins. Last is a close up of some of the sea life, including pipe organ coral, brain coral, and a butterflyfish.

Shown below is the
Diving the Reef in Hawaii Bronze Plaque

Bonded bronze sculpture 10 inches wide by 16 inches tall with hanging wire on the back.

Price $139.00
scuba diver art
Shown below is the
Diving the Reef in Hawaii Bronze Plaque
Framed Limited Edition of Fifty

Bonded bronze sculpture mounted on an oil painting on hardboard. Framed size 17 inches wide by 21 inches tall with a hanging wire on the back. Includes a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Price $289.00
scuba diver bronze plaque
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