Commissions and Special Orders
If you want something original, here it is.

I am happy to handle custom sculpture orders. I have done a variety of commissioned pieces over the years, I really enjoy the challenge of creating a new piece to fit a collector's specific needs. Nothing is too outlandish, so if you have a dream figurine or custom sculpture in mind, let me make it a reality for you.

Do you have friends that share your interest in your sport or hobby? Maybe you want unique artwork for your birding club or hiking group. Do you want a unique piece to share with your loved ones? Maybe you want to give gifts to your employees or staff, or you want a motivational sculpture to give to everyone in your sales group. Go ahead and contact me to find out more.

Shown below are some examples of commissioned sculptures I have made over the years. On the left is a wedding portrait sculpture I made for a recently engaged couple based on a photo they sent me. To learn more about sculpture portraiture please go to my Portraits page. Next is a fisherman figurine I made for a hunting & fishing club. They got several dozen, one for each member. Other figurines I have made can be seen on my Plaques and Wedding Cake Toppers pages. Last is a maple leaf made for a group of gardeners. It was attached to a wood picture frame and given as Christmas gifts to friends and family. You can see some other examples of wood picture frames with attached sculptures on my Sculpted Photo Frames page.
commissoned portrait sculpture original figurine custom sculpture
A one-of-a-kind sculpture created just for you!

You can have a truly unique portrait of your parents or children, or an adventure sport figure, or maybe a plaque of your favorite climb, hike, or dive spot. Some people have gotten figurines or portraits for their wedding, and had enough made to give them to many of the people in the wedding party. Or you can have a sculpted scene made from a photo of a special place, and I can add you and a loved one right into the piece, even if you are not in the photo.

My work tends to fall into four main categories: human figures, portraits, landscape scenes (which often contain people and animals), and wildlife.

So how does this work?

Ordering a custom sculpture, also called a "commissioned" or "special order" piece, is really pretty simple: we just talk about what you want. We can discuss what you have in mind, such as cost, delivery date, and so on. The next step is for you to send me a photo or two (if you have them, I can also work from publicly available photos or even straight from my imagination) and I will sketch out the basic design for your final approval. You don't want to wait too long, I'm generally scheduled for four to six weeks out, meaning that I want at least a month's notice before you need the piece.

Most of the time involved in making your special order sculpture is in sculpting the original piece, called a master. I sculpt the master, make a mold, then pour castings using urethane resin mixed with other materials, such as bonded bronze (like most of the pieces on this site), colored sand, aluminum, or painted resin. Each material has its own special characteristics and we can pick the right material for the subject you want.

This is a very unique keepsake, something you will treasure for the rest of your life. And it is certainly a unique gift- nobody you know is likely to received a custom sculpture of themselves. If you want to look into this further please contact me.

Here are a few questions I am often asked special orders:

What does it cost? A typical custom figurine would cost around $250, or a two person portrait like the one shown here would cost about $500. Bear in mind that most of the cost is for sculpting and mold making. The first piece out of the mold is the most expensive because of all the work that went into it, but subsequent pieces cost a lot less. The more pieces you get, the less you pay per piece. That's why this is great for gifts for your club, organization, wedding party, or company.

When will I receive my order? Commissions and special order delivery times vary depending on how busy I am and how complex your project is. The minimum time is generally at least four weeks but it can be longer, especially if I have a lot of other orders in line. Please contact me to discuss the specifics of your project.

How do I place an order? You need to contact me so we can review what you have in mind. Once we nail down what you want and agree on price and delivery time, you send a check for 50% of the cost, with the balance due when the order is finished. Since this will not be a standard item available through my web site, I am able to handle the order online or take payment by credit card.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about my work, how to order, ship times, or anything else. I can handle most custom orders, as well as wholesale and large volume orders.
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