Paul Ivy, Adventure Sculptor
“Traditional Techniques with Modern Materials”
adventure plaque scuba diving sculpture
rock climbing art sculpted photo frames
I combine classic sculpting methods that have been in use for thousands of years, such as carving, casting, and modeling
with stunning and unique modern materials like bonded bronze, RTV molds, and polymer clays.
Please be aware: I am on sabbatical for the immediate future and will not be accepting any new orders.

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It is the interaction of the adventurer with the landscape that intrigues me

The relationship of the climber to the rock, or the diver to the sea is what I want to convey. I strive to express the feeling of a sport. I've spent a lot of time hiking, swimming, climbing, and cycling, and to me the environment is an integral part of the experience.

My adventure sculptures combine different materials, such as a bonded bronze plaque with an oil painting background. The contrast of traditional sculpting techniques with modern casting materials, or realistic sculpture with an abstact background appeals to me.

My goal is to create a piece that evokes a bigger scene in the mind of the viewer, and causes the eye to roam between the old and new, the realistic and abstract.

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scuba adventure sculpture
Sculptor of adventurePaul Ivy in the studio
Seventeen years as a toy designer and sculptor

I create sculptures based on things I love to do. I am compelled to create, and have experimented with nearly every medium and subject matter there is. I am most attracted to three dimensional work, and have made my living as a sculptor since 1993.

It seems like a lifetime ago when I started a small toy company specializing in military miniatures. It was during this time that I really refined my sculpting style and perfected my casting techniques. I spent thousands of hours in my studio.

I have made over 100,000 castings in my life. A lot of people have my work in one form or another. If you walked down the GI Joe aisle of a toy store between 1998 and 2003 you have probably seen my work.

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Traditional Techniques & Modern Materials

I use sculpting and casting techniques that artists have used for centuries, paired with the most unique and archival modern materials available today.

My sculptures are done largely in synthetic clay, and I make many of my own tools. This time-consuming and painstaking process produces a beautiful, highly detailed original. I then make molds from RTV silicone rubber, a wonderful material that holds the finest detail. There is no other material that could capture the subtle carving and detail of my work

Next I make a small number of castings, one at a time, by hand. The casting medium is precisely mixed and poured into the mold. Factors such as temperature, humidity, expansion rate, set time, proportion, and many others must be considered, and a tiny variation in any one of these can ruin the piece.

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arches park plaque
adventure sculpture Featured Piece:
Diving the Tugboat in Curacao
Bronze Plaque,
Framed Limited Edition of Fifty

If you have dived in Curacao you will recognize the sunken tugboat, it's a favorite local dive spot. All the sea life shown can be found in the waters off Curacao.

This adventure sculpture shows a rich underwater scene featuring a female diver descending toward the wreck of a small tugboat. The water is filled with a variety of exotic fish: spotted eagle ray, starfish, nurse shark, green sea turtle, scorpionfish, a school of goat fish, and a wide variety of corals and plants are all here. The tugboat sits in shallow water and there are often snorkelers as well as scuba divers here.

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