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Great photos pre-sell your work to clients like nothing else does. We travel the country getting outstanding architectural and industrial photos that will show your company’s best face to the world.

Two things distinguish us from other commercial photographers:

1) We group jobs from our wide variety of clients into our famous no-travel-expense photo trips, and

2) We take the photos you need to help sell your products or services, and you can use them for whatever you want, with no buyout fees, licencing fees, or royalties.

To get those perfect images, we climb gain silos in Iowa, wade through swamps in Louisiana, and battle the traffic of Chicago and Boston. Go 30 stories up in a building that's just structural steel to get a shot of the neighboring office complex? Done it. Chartered a boat to sail rough water and get that perfect bridge shot? We’ve done that too. We've dealt with cranky guards, shot sewage treatment plants in Texas in the summer, even located job sites with directions like "go to the chickens and turn left." Whatever we need to do to get the photos you need, that’s what we do.

If you need aerial photography we will hire a plane and pilot, and get your shots. Whether you want candid pictures of people on the job or close-ups of your beautiful structural steel panels, we’ll shoot what you want.

We shoot high-resolution digital and make your images available on disk. We maintain an archive copy at our office too. It is fast and economical. 

We do quality work at sensible rates. In addition, we help stretch your photography budget even further by grouping jobs from different clients to reduce or eliminate travel expenses. Download our 2015 No-Travel-Expense Photo Trips brochure to see our routes, schedule, and rates. Contact us for more information or to talk about possible jobs.

Call us at 512-282-3400 to find out how you can get professional photos for
all your marketing needs, quickly and affordably.

Professional commercial, architectural and industrial photographers nationwide

These images may not be copied or reproduced without express written permission