Portfolio- A Sampling of My Work Over the Years
scuba plaque award hiker sand garden US WWII soldiers scuba figurine Arnold sculpture
Policemen custom wedding portrait M1 tanker action figure sculpture Rhodesian fighters
golfer figurine custom sculptures weapon designs custom gold panner satcom radio
swat firefighter golfer plaque pistols custom oak leaf
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I have been a working sculptor since 1993. The work shown here represents a sampling of the work I have done over the years. I regularly discontinue my pieces, only one item shown here is still available. This allows me to spend time creating new pieces so that I have an ever-changing selection of sculptures available.
Some of the clients who commissioned me or used my work include 21st Century Toys, the GI Joe Collectors' Club, Cotswold Collectibles, and many private individuals. Collectors who own my original designs include Arnold Schwarzenegger, former US Ambassador to Mexico James Jones, DPMO Assistant Director Jack Kull, GI Joe: Masterpiece Editon author John Michlig, The Complete Encyclopedia to GI Joe author Vincent Santelmo, and many others.
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