Custom Portrait Sculptures
The most unique and original way to preserve your best memories.

Do you want a sculpture of your family? No problem. How about one from a photo of your parents or grandparents? I can do that. Do you have a favorite hiking trail, dive spot, mountain peak, or romantic view? I can make a relief plaque that features the very best things you remember about these important places in your life.

This is definitely something unique: a sculpture of you! I use a photo you provide and make a relief sculpture that looks just like you, or whatever subject you like. I can make it any size and out of many different materials.

Below is an example. On the left is the photograph and on the right is the finished sculpture. This sculpture is bonded white sand, meaning it is a resin mixed with fine white sand. The client loved the result. She wanted a sculpture based on a photo taken the day before her fiancee proposed, and she wanted a more "old fashioned" look, so we went with white sand.

I have worked from photos of family members, pets, important places, even cars. If you want a unique sculpture that recalls the good times in your life or the lives of your family, consider an original commissioned sculpture.
portrait reference photo custom portrait sculpture
I can make these virtually any size you like. The one shown above is about seven inches tall, but I could go from a couple of inches all the way up to several feet. I can also frame them in a traditional wood picture frame.

And you have many choices of materials. We can talk it over to get
the right material for your sculpture. Some of the options are bronze, copper, aluminum, red sand, white sand, porcelain, granite, and more. All of these are bonded materials, meaning they are mixed with a tough urethane resin. This is what I mean by "Traditional techniques with modern materials".

I love these combinations! Bonded resin sculptures hold the finest detail, and it's tough, lightweight and affordable. For something similar to the one shown above, cost would be around $500. Many factors affect the price, such as size, number of people, amount of detail and so on, but this should give you a ballpark idea on price. For more information on custom portrait sculpture please visit the Commissions page.

Imagine a sculpture of your family in bronze mounted on a oil painted backdrop featuring your favorite colors. Or a sculpted scene from where you proposed to your wife. Or a portrait showing your grandparents, or maybe your dad in his old Army uniform.

If you are interested a truly unique keepsake, please contact me. We can chat about what is important to you and what you have in mind for your own original sculpture.
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